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All-Party Parliamentary Group launches new initiative to increase the number of women in housebuilding

by Christopher Hammond

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for SME Housebuilders has launched a new campaign this Women’s History Month named ‘I am a Housebuilder’, designed to increase the number of women in the housebuilding industry.

The APPG for SME Housebuilders is a cross-party forum building political consensus to create the best environment for regional SME housebuilders to thrive. Since 2008 the number of SME housebuilders has dropped from 11,000 to just 2,000, of which less than 2% are owned and led by women. Currently, there are only 297,000 women working in construction across the UK compared to 1.8 million men, with just 1% of women working as a skilled trades professional.

“As a mother to a young girl, I think it is really important to show to her and many other young girls and women that housebuilding is no longer an industry just for men. Women bring a level of creativity and empathy to housebuilding that I think really benefits the end homeowner. I am excited to use this initiative to help highlight a path into this industry for other females.”

Georgina Hammond, co-founder and director of developers Beau Property.

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