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First impressions count! The benefits of mature planting

by Beau Property

First impressions make a big difference on whether prospective buyers will want to view your property, and nothing adds more curb appeal than a well-kept garden. Order and care sells and adds value to your house.

Consider the following when budgeting for landscaping a mature garden on your properties:

Beyond the visual value of a fully grown garden, which is going to make your home stand out from other properties and attract more viewers, it’s proven that a property with trees and well-kept landscapes increases the total home value by as much as 20%.

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From a buyers point-of-view mature planting adds instant privacy from neighbours and busy roads, it’s environmentally friendly and is one less job they have to think about if they were to move in.

Ultimately, mature planting could be the tipping point for the decision to buy your house at asking price, in which case the return on investment can be enormous.

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Did you know that styling your property before its sale can make it sell faster and for a higher price point?

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